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Sauna Day is an event that opens the doors to private saunas for everyone to enjoy. The world is full of saunas that are often empty and seldom seen by most. What if we did something about this for just one day and invited everyone over for a sauna?

Do you have a sauna at home, at work or elsewhere that you would like to invite guests to? Do you like going to sauna and meeting new people? Would you like to have a good löyly? If you answered yes at least to one of the questions, Sauna Day is for you!

The event originated from Helsinki, where the first Helsinki Sauna Day was held on March 12, 2016. More than 50 saunas, including home saunas, beach saunas, hotels, tents, trailer saunas, public saunas, company saunas and even a sauna simulator, took part in the event. Some people spent the day with their friends at home in the sauna. There were no restrictions on participating in the saunas, as long as the sauna was free for everyone.

Helsinki Sauna Day quickly gained great popularity and was organized since then every spring (and once in Autumn) until 2019. Although the event focused on Helsinki (as the name suggested), there was widespread interest and participation, including in Germany, California and Malaysia. So we thought to make the event in 2020 not just in Helsinki or Finland, but in the whole world!

The first (officially) international Sauna Day will be held on March 14, 2020. Welcome, all friends of sauna around the globe!

Jaakko Blomberg

+358 44 5478354